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Got in my second official tiburon race today. I raced a guy that I have know for like 7 years. He is a huge mitsubishi fan and he drives a smaller galant, around 1997, I think it is a galant GS. Anyways he has a huge 4 inch or so tip and it and it has that really ricey pop to it when I drives, I think he has modded it some but atleast he doesn't have a ton of decals on it. Well we were at a stoplight and he started revving at me, I got a worse start than him but around 25 mph we were side by side and at around 55 mph he front end was around my gas filler region of the car. So the tiburon wins again and is still undefeated 2-0

2001 Tiburon
Black with Blacked out windows
Alpine cd player
More mods to come slowly
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