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selling all after makert parts for tibby..

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I am getting rid of my car so I am selling all parts heres the list...

shark racing euro tail lights.

front and rear strut tower braces.

4-2-1 header.

16 rims and tires.

AOS cold air intake

BBT from shark racing.

SR short shifter.

zex nitrous kit.

brand new zex plugs.

air fuel ratio meter and vaccum guages in pod.

eibach lower springs.

1000 miles on stage 3 race/street clutchmasters clutch.

make reasonable offers, and you will get. all in good condition lets talk. I will leave for sale here 2 weeks than off to ebay.
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I'm interested in the 4-2-1 and the Zex kit.

Damn AOL won't let me write any mail. I'll contact you ASAP.

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You know I'm in for the Zex kit + the NOS bottle warmer. Just let me know where to send the check...or whatever other method of payment.

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