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Shady shot?

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Anyone hear of this. i did a search and nothing on the forum.
Heres the site:
I also found it on ebay as well. Let me know what you all think.
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Their website is actually:

At the size shot this thing provides it probably wouldn't hurt anything if used occasionally but you should run an A/F meter if you try it. It's just a ghetto fabricated dry nitrous system using a small paintball C02 tank. I wouldn't hesitate to make a similar system for some busted up car I didn't care about blowing up, but I would never install it in a car I care about at all.
A system like this would probably be too small to tune your car or get a feel for when to use the shot. A cheap system like this probably wouldn't have a WOT switch, so you'd have to be more conscious of when you're spraying (part throttle + nitrous = blow up your intake manifold). And keep in mind you'll have to drive over to the place that sells N20 every time you drain this thing.

Check out the stickies in the nitrous forum, and read thouroughly before addidng something like this on to your engine. BTW, that shadyshot company looks shady... they haven't even built their site yet, that homepage is just a mockup.

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No2 on a golf-kart? Yeah.. thats when i closed the screen.
i remember looking at something like this before, but it think it was called Sneaky Pete.
similar idea, little bottle etc.

didnt think it was worth it either, just seemed to me like wacking some PE-4 into your engine and boom!!
sneaky pete systems work...

hell you can run a wet sneaky pete setup
I am thinking about purchasing one and running a little rich with SAFC2 during races, and i'll just have a pressure switch underneath my gas pedal to replace the WOT sensor

theoretically it works. just make sure you have your a/f gauge hooked up, if you start leaning out.. shut it off

i've done some forum research with google on this kit, and the few forums where a user actually purchased a kit seemed to have some level of success with it
yeah...I read a few on a honda forum and some other sites as well as asking around some shops that fill up Nitrus and they say it's not bad.

i wouldnt try it on something i liked at least.....hell why not the Ridin lawnmower get the job done
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