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shark racing headers info

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I, First I would like to know what diameter are the Shark Racing headers for my 2005 accent. I e-mailed them but got no reply. I am talking about the section of the header that attaches to the cat-back.

Also, since I am not really an expert in exhaust systems, let's say that the headers are 2.25 inch diameter at the end, will it be possible to fit 2 inch exhaust on it?

I am concerned about the fact that a 1.6 exhaust over 2 in will cause a loss of performance. Thank you
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It is 2.25, And yes unless you also have a short Ram or Cold air intake with a Throttle body increase the 2.25 is too large. YOu can fit a 2" to the end with a reducer. Happy purchase. Did you get teh 4-1 for a manual or a 4-2-1 for the automatic?
I just ordered the 4-2-1 which is not only for automatic but also for an all-day driver car like mine which is manual. I am happy to know that I can fit 2 in piping with it, now the only thing that need to be done getting it shipped which I hope won't be too long.

edit: I also bought the short ram, big bore throttle and strut bar. I will get my line done custom at a speed shop when I get my equippement :)

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Wondering what sort of duties/taxes you paid Komptek. I see SR has them at $400 now and I was wondering how much more it is to get it up here.

Lemme know. Thanks
Ok well maybe someone else can let me know how much extra they paid to have SR stuff up here. I'd really like to know if it's a sizeable amount or not as I've only just purchased little things from ebay and the like and those were mostly sent in the mail so there wasn't any duty.
it all kinda depends on where it comes from and who they use to ship it. anything i have had shipped from kspec(shipped from korea) i haven't had to pay duty on. they ship stuff using regular mail and usually takes a month to get here.
anything i've ordered from the states has been shipped ups and you get charged a brokerage fee of around$40 plus gst on the value of the item. i got the evofusion catback and on the ups sheet evof. said the value of it was only $100 so i only had to pay like $50 total. that was sweet. i'll let you know when i get the headers, whenever that is. (hey 2003gs, i am also in regina)
BooB: Sweet man. I only know of a couple modded LC2's in town. That red one with the grafix package and white wheels and some riced out black one.

We should hook up after you get it installed. I wanna see what kind of difference it makes. I'm guessing you're getting the 4-1 as you have the manual trans. The main reason for me wanting the 4-2-1 is to increase the low end torque. The auto's are sluggish as hell below 2500 rpms and that's a big deal. Email me at [email protected] when you get yer shizz on.
here is the header i'm getting, looks like 4-2-1, if it ends up looking like that.
i'll let you know when i get it in. could be another month or so.:D
i've seen both of those cars, yes regina is that small.:bored:

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To tell you the truth I've not recieved a single duties charge from SR. Not sure if this is included to the cost or not but the listed price is all I paid.

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since that header on is a prebuy... does that mean he has to get a few orders to make them? who would like to get the product? i would get it if someone else would.
Really? no duties = a happy me.

I'm a lot closer to buying it. I'll wait for boob's shipment to come for my final decision. I really don't have the money to buy it but life's all about living with debt. Might as well enjoy life while you're here and as long as you aren't going without food or stiffing your landlord for rent might as well go for it.

Yeah the evo one looks nicer than the SR one but i'm wondering if the shipping will make it more expensive than the SR one. Plus having to wait for 4 more to get the pre-buy done...
evo just hasn't updated their site, they already have the 5 pre-orders needed and have started making them in korea. with shipping it only came to $310 us. you could email them to see if you can still get one at the lower price.:)
Thanks KOMPTEK. i have been wondering about all this talk of 2.25" catbacks and all. I always thought that that ,might be a little big. I'm still stock with everything except i have a short ram intake. I'm going to boost my throttlebody and bore or my intake manifold too. but i'm going to stick with the 2" pipe exhaust.
I will email them now. If i can save $90 US then hell i might as well. I spend more on a night of drinking with the boys than that!
Well evo emailed back fast... like an hour and a half after I sent it... NICE!

Here's what they wrote:

"Thanks for the email. Yes you can get in on the prebuy. We do have the 5 we need, and we did send the prototype to get started on, but you can still get the special price until the headers have arrived here in the USA which will be next month if all goes well"

I'm going to have to do some serious thinking if I'm going to get them or not. The price is very competitive and sound like they're going to be a quality product. I just have to evaluate my finances and make a final choice. So if anyone is thinking about getting them I'd suggest doing it now while the deal is on.
I bought the sharkracing headers and will use the evo exhaust after it. Both 2.25'' I guess it will fit. But I emailed sharkracing a few times (I had questions) and I never got a reply from them. Also, my order, on, sais SHIPPING READY since last week, does that mean that it's waiting to be shipped or it's already shipped?
I have ordered tons of products from Sharkracing. They take a while to respond to e-mails, yes, but their products are always quality. Evodfusion on the other hand, Ive had bad experiences with them and certain products i ordered from them were garbage and the custom service was horrible. But thats only my can decide for yourself. I dont have the sharkracing 2.5" catback for my accent and it was an almost perfect fit. Jst like all aftermarket parts. When i do purchase a header it will be from sharkracing def.
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