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shocks for X2 Excel

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I was wondering if any of you out there knew of a company that makes performance shocks for the 2nd Generation Excel for my '92. KYB does (the GR2 in front, Gasajust in rear), but they only recommend them for an up to 1 1/2 inch drop in front, and 1 inch in rear, but if they settle lower than that, there will be problems. The springs I have are going to drop it about that much. I know someone, somewhere, has to make shocks specifically for lowered Excels. Please let me know if you know anything at all. Thanks.

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Well I don't know 100% about all the shocks on the market for the X2. I just have Plain shocks and struts for my excel. (Monroe Sensatrac on back and Midas Gold Touring on front) In rallying I know the GAB sport struts and Bilstien shacks can work on the excel. A guy with a 90 4door rallies one in Canada, I don't know about lowering though. I wonder if anyone else here might...

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