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Hi I have a few questions which shock absorbers would you recommend to get with h&r lowering springs (30mm already ordered) I was reading that KYB excel g for Hyundai tiburon (also which year tiburon should I get them from when I go to the part store ) should fit or should I get KYB Excel G for Elantra
Also does front strut bar from coupe fit in an Elantra I was thinking to get this one : COUPE TIBURON 2.0 '03 ULTRA RACING 2PT FRONT STRUT BAR FIT HYUNDAI (UR-TW2-622) | eBay

Also for the rear sway bar was thinking to get this :

or cheaper this one :

I'm just worried about fitment issues on would everything fit perfectly without having to modify much ?
Also, the car is 2005 Hyundai Elantra 1.6L (bought in Europe/Croatia)

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