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Short Ram Intake

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Just got my accent not to long ago and i was wondering where i can get a good and affordable short ram intake.
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Do you think the shark racing short ram intake is good?
i have no experiance with it but my K&N is the best filter on the market and cost me 60 shipped to my door
like i said before go to autozone and get the spectre intake kit about $30...... a intake pipe is just a pipe why spens $70 on a pipe when you can get a whole kit for $30..... then get a k&n filter it'll be like $45ish...... or you can go with a $20 spectre filter.... i've found it equally as good...... this is what i did to my car and it's running awesome.....
eeei! Dont use the cheap filters!! NOOO! I ran one for.. ummm a week? and i took it off for my K&N and there was dust, and dirt, INSIDE the intake pipe. ick. Get a K&N. really now... Its more than worth it. They flow so much better too, it will change the sound of your intake. Thats how you know its working.
ok i'll most likely get the spectre intake kit but how do i knw which K&R filter i should use? The Universal one? Or does it depend on how much space i have for the filter?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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