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silicone couplers for sale (5) 2.5" (1) 2"

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hey guys i have some 4-ply silicone couplers that are extra. i have never used them. they are 4-ply and the color is blue like in this picture..

the 2" one is for the turbo outlet, which is the same on all t3 and t3/t4 hybrid turbos i believe. the 2.5" ones are for the intercooler. these are not ebay couplers, i forgot the brand name but i can check.

silicone couplers range from 10-20 bucks a piece shipped brand new.

heres what i am asking for.

if you buy just one: $8 shipped anywhere in the USA (48lower states)

if you buy them all: $45.00 shipped anywhere in the USA (48lower states)

i am using the same couplers on my car right now and have had NO problems at all ranging from 8-15 psi of boost.

i think i might have a couple hose clamps laying around, and if i do, i will throw those in to.
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hey nate IM me tomorrow about these...8D8D
will do mang.
bump, i need to sell this stuff. its now O.B.O.
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