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simple way of custom paint on your headlights

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First off, what I did was took off the headlight after opening the hood (*Duh*).
(I am using Vamp's Diagram for the light, because I felt it was very useful to me.)

*note: you need to take out the headlight bulbs, and make sure they don't break. I broke my main head bulb...wich sucked, so just be careful.

Secondly, I sanded with a very fine 220 grit sand paper. and sanded the part I wanted painted, like the "Smoke your tail lights DIY section"

Third, what I did was masked off the reflective part shown here. (although I did not masked it off in this pic sincw it isn't mine)

Then I used a special paint, called H20. It's a special (Black) Spray paint that sticks to plastics, and holds firmly (it says right on the can, *For car trim, and plastics etc.). You can get it at any Wal-Mart Store, or usually any local Paint store.
I sprayed the paint directly on to the light lense. Also please Note: while still wet I cleaned up any edges that were a little to painted, and I used a paint thinner, so it came off very easily. Also this paint is gaurenteed not to fade, in rain, sunshine, or years of Bug abuse lol. here is the finished product.

Also I went ahead and just did my tail lights to, because it was a pretty big can of paint, and I um... didn't want it to go to waist. so here is my tail lights *Finished Product*

If you have any questions just post 'em here I'll reply soon.
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lol ignore the 1st image link I oppsied, and didn't take out the bb code for the image link lol
anyways tell me what you guys think!
The headlights look good...but I think your tail lights might be a little too dark to be legal.
I lightened them up today
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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