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small meet, Point Zero Waterloo ON sept 16

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Point Zero Auto and Sound is having another get together this Saturday afternoon. They had one last saturday as well, but bad weather kept people away. Last saturday they had a free BBQ and all their stuff in the shop was on sale. They have performance parts and audio stuff. They can order in almost everyrthing for cheap this sturday.

Last saturday there was some great cars. r32 skyline, evo 8, s14, just to name a few. Everyone is welcome and it would be great for hyundai to represent. They are located on Northfield Dr. in the penzoil plaza. I can get the adress.
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Im gonna be in Grand Bend this weekend for Windsor Weekend.
oh well, hope we can get some people out though.
Its the fiancees birthday. Thats like 10 min from my place but I'm not going to be around maybe next time.
hey you ordered ksports also, hows that going for you?
Still nothing :hmmm: I have the Fiancee driving the Accent right now with its massive body roll practically makes me sea sick. I have lots of mods to get done but it doesn't help work is sending me to Europe for 3 weeks soon. She's doesn't care for the body roll much either she has driven a car as sloppy as the Accent in 5 + years. I got an idea how to fix the lousy brakes but just don't have time to get it done...
Yo mark. It's the gold accent guy.

wont be able to make it to PZ tomorrow
I love gold accents. BTW I won the kenwwod MP3 deck.
yeah nice job man. lol I saw the pics too 8D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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