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That sounds like a fuel related problem to me. If the revs are dropping then picking back up...something may be clogging your fuel line causing to jerk like that. Try this: Go to your local pep boys or car parts store and buy a new fuel filter. Its cheap and you can do it yourself. All fuel filters look different for what type of car you have. My old corolla had this tiny white thing that was located at the top of the engine which was easily replaceable. Nowadays, such things like this and the oil filter are all stowed away out of reach so they can charge you for service. Locate it first, before you go out and buy it. Places like Pep boys have a book that has the year and model car, and you can look it up and get what you need. It shouldn't be too hard. Its a cheap way and could easily fix a problem that could cost a lot in the shop.

Now, for the A/C problem....Bad relay.

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