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So Whats New For Everyone?

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Hey people Looks like our fourm has died :S But yeah whats everyone up to these days? whats new? new mods? on there cars ? or everyone just kicking back and enjoying life?:smoking:
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Well im working too many hours, 82 for this week so far anyway. May be getting paid soon to ride a push bike but enjoying work, especially my first crack at using a winchester shotgun, bit sore at moment. Car is off the road at the moment. Trying to find time to turn it into something a bit faster, mmm turbo beta. Just deciding to fully strip it or not. Bought an 04 mitsu verada wagon in the meantime. Dont really like it but insured for about 10k more than i paid for it. So i would hate something to happen to it. :) um thats about my life at the moment.
just chillin. gettin some cash together, big plans.

must admit, dont post here much lately, been keeping around HyperAus lately.
if your talking about the hyper forums, try:

myself, i am working most of the time, and saving money/planning my rebuild.
I had a crash in the excel so my hyundai is dead at the moment so no mods...

apart from that just trying to get my life organised with uni and work etc.
Had plans to go to South Korea for a year to teach English and explore the country, but with the recent missile tests over there, I'm planning to wait until things cool off to go there. In the meantime, I'll just have to look for something here to keep me going.
Nothing much,

-had my first experience with body panels
-figured out that +3psi in tyre pressures can be pretty freaky on semi-slicks in the winter
-found out that show-quality welds aren't necessarily strong
-took up karting and got my arse kicked
-found out that one of my friends is gh3y
-finally wore out my Puma's, prolly getting a set of OMP shoes in the near future
-made 291kW at all 4 wheels with premium gas and 1.3+BAR of boost
-found out that long-shank nipples and 90 bends don't mix
-got addicted to roasted chicken and 5-spice salt
-found out that DBA discs blow[8 laps and a new channel is appearing on them]
-my manager put ricer lights on my car
-bought an old beater Civic as a runaround
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Just giving my Coupe away, check the for sale section.
Yeah the price your selling it for is a giveaway... id buy it in a flash if i didnt already commit to another car.

Whats new aye... nothing today.. but hopefully a metal cat by the end of the week
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