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So you wanna run crazy boost on your 2.0L motor?

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You need to start with a set of these...

<a href="">Click here, but 56K users beware -- BIG pictures ahead... </a>

Questions and comments welcome,
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Can Ross racing make drop in pistons instead of overbore like yours?
Now i do want Forged pistons but cant decide weather to get 1.8Litre or 2.0Litre Forged pistons.As you know my Tib is the 1.8Litre but not sure on which one to get.I can always get a 2.0Block at the scrap yard and get the 2.0Litre pistons.
Also im not sure on what compression ratio i should get.Since i have the Alpine Turbo kit what compression ratio piston should i get? Thanx Rob!!!!!!!
Thank you very much for your reply:)
I was reading your post about JRP at the fxtreme board about pistons that Derek can get for Tiburons.How much was Derek asking for the pistons?
For now i might just run 10Psi with the Alpine Turbo on Stock internals for now until i have the money to purchase a Haltech because i remember you saying that after 10psi the S-AFC is useless and go with a Haltech.What do you think?
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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