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SOHC:easier way to replace head gasket?

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we all know head gasket's are a Super PITA to replace, but it seem's there is a easy way

instead of dismantling the cma's from the rocker's and the valves,
just unbolt the head fro the block by taking out the timing belt and tensioner,

that way, you'd have easy access to the block and replace the old head gasket

and since the carefully alingned belt's are on the sprocket on the cam's, just put the belt back on the crankshaft pulley and tensioner and the timing won't be altered.
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When i did my teachers daughters toyota, we just slipped the timing chain off, and stung it up tight against the lower gear with a weilding wire strapped to the hood. Kept tension on the chain so it wouldnt slip off the lower sproket. Of course i marked everything, it was really easy. just pulled the head off and kept the chain in place
there are some hard part's like having to unbolt anything that' attached o the head like exhaust manifold and intake manifold..the ka24e's intake manifold is a bitch to unbolt since i can't find all the bolt's under all the wire's and hoses.
After doing it once on my car (well actually an engine swap including diss. motor in car and assembling motor going into car) I think i could swap the head gasket pretty quick now =-)
it's easy on the hyundais, do it on a 3.1 liter lumina or 3.4 liter monte carlo, then talk about a pita. (the front one is easy, the rear sucks because of clearance.)
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