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have three weeks to sell my car. so i have droped the price by almost $5000 in one go.

i have droped the price to BELOW the price of a standard car of the same age and km's. regd till 14/8/06

$10500 as she sits (in perfect condition, complete with everything)

the MODS ALONE are worth FAR more than im asking for this car.

pay for the turbo kit and installation AND GET THE CAR AND EVERYTHING IN IT FREE!

you guys have a chance to buy it before i plaster ebay, drive, carpoint and everywhere else i can think of with it. maye till the end of the week. she wont last long.

ENGINEERED!!!!! ENGINEERED!!! i finally got her engineered on saterday!!!! the engineer that has been holding me back for 6mts finally engineered my car!!! YAY! NOW ALL THE BETTER BARGAIN!!!!


heres what shes got:

mods include: ihi vf35 (Subaru wrx sti turbo)with ceramic coated exhaust turbine housing @ 14.5psi, with decompression plate [8.5:1], GFB blow off valve, Dawes type boost controller, autometer boost/vacuum gauge, custom intercooler piping, ceramic coated custom turbo manifold, ceramic coated custom dump pipe , large bar and plate front mount intercooler, 2.5in turbo back exhaust, high flow cat, performance mufflers, 16 bit Microtech ltx8s engine management system, apexi turbo timer, Malpassi boost dependant fuel pressure regulator, 240cc/min injectors, custom fuel return system, VDO fuel pump, alloy plenum (to replace plastic one), larger radiator (double size, From automatic), 12in Davies Craig thermo fans, fully independent custom cooling system, custom heat shielding, K&N pod filter, Permacool engine oil cooler, stage 3 modified, exedy 8 puck brass button clutch, psc short shifter.

new Peadar's sports Ryder gas shocks [red] (stiff as you can buy) new. psc rear sway bar 2 mts old, Peder's progressive rate lowering springs [red] upgraded and new [haven't driven on them] brake pads 17in chrome au racing rims with falken zieix tyres (awesome tyres) 99.9% tread, done maybe 200km on them. these wheels are less then a month old.

Jensen 200w IR remote head deck with flip out face (it even actually says good morning, have a nice trip, etc. lol), 2 1.5in tweeters, Jensen front 180w 6.5in 3 way speakers, Jensen rear 200w 6*9in 3 way speakers, 2 12in Jensen subs in custom enclosure, 650w (~1200w peak) RMS jensen mono block amp for subs and 450w RMS (~900w peak) 4chanel amp for speakers. Alarm and 2 immobilisers, remote central locking.

Talon WRC body kit, chrome grill, 17in chrome 'au racing' wheels, 40mm progressive rate lowering springs. red/silver SAAS gear knob, autometer boost vacuum gauge in chrome housing, saas pedals, red NOS throw over seat covers, red gear boot, red NOS mats, various interior parts painted silver, blue instrument lights, cluster lights and a fire extinguisher.

email me at [email protected]

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i feel your pain man

ive had only 1 person interested in my car and they couldnt get finance (on 3.5grand, must have been something wrong with the guy haha)
AWWWWW dude i so want you car....

I wish i the cash for it...

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bump... if ya cant get finance on $10500 there has to be something wrong with ya ;)
hahahaha... That is soo true... I had a friend approved of a 6k loan and he is unemployed.... :lol:
anyone want to simply take over repaymentes? i may be able to arrange this too.
how much a week are you paying in repayments?... i reckon you should get a buyer if you do that
$100 a week for the next 2 years (iv payed the vast majority of the interest so this way is cheapest)


i could re-finance. that would make it only about $50 week but for 5 years, like a normal loan.
that doesnt sound to bad... the weekly payments go to you? im guessing ?... that doesnt sounds to bad man ... il see if i have someone for you

no, they would have to go to the bank. otherwise i would still be liable for the car, which is why i am selling it, so i have less liabilities.

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Just curious man, how did ya go with sellin the beast? Kinda sad you cant sell it for that litlle after that much went into it. :disappointed:
not sold yet.
sorry to hear that man. Good luck with the sale anyways.
bump cumon guys, dirt cheap.
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