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Changing around the system some. These items are ready to ship. They are all used but in good condition, took some pictures, did not turn out, will attach pictures tonight.

These are the items:

Crystal Mobilesound PROSe 12 dual 6 ohm version (one) 45 dollars shipped
Planet Audio 150.2 and matching 300.2. Both are in great condition and work perfect. the 150.2 puts out at 12.5V 62 watts x 2 @ 4 ohms, the 300.1 puts out a solid 329 x 1 @ 4 ohms. A little more at 3 ohms. I have it hooked up the the prose to make sure that these are 100% functional, and they are. 150 dollars shipped for the pair.

Also for sale are other doo dads, distro blocks for 4 gage, fuse blocks.

EPIC 160 => Volt meter, built in SPL meter (fairly accurate) and epicenter all in one. Great condition, 100 dollars shipped.

WILL TRADE FOR PARTS> Turbo and Nitrous parts, nozzels, jets, etc. and computer parts (on the computer parts, please only current stuff, right now my slowest computer needs a new video card, nvidia 6550 or higher)
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