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I had an accident and damaged my radio block by means of it being kicked inwards. Radio obviously does not work and neither does the cassette tape, emergency lights work perfectly [located right above the radio block] as well as the A/C block [although it auto blows whenever I start up the car and I shut it off] but other lights out include:
- dashboard lights and dimmer switch
- right rear brake light
- 1/2 of left rear brake light
- gear shifter lights

I have checked fuses in hood and under dash and only clock [D/CLOCK (10A)] and tail lights [TAIL RH (10A)] are blown out.
Planning to open up under steering wheel for wiring issues that might have become dislocated when the radio was blown in and I am in the process of opening up the radio block to see if there is a lead there.

Any ideas where else I can check?

Any thoughts appreciated as a newbie to this used car!

Thanks, Chereskov
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