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Sonata 95

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Hey guys - i just joined the forum.

I'm about to do a lot of work on my hyundai.
Tomorrow i'll be doing Engine mounts - front and back only - although they say i need the transmision one too. I said screw it

Next week i plan on doing water pump cuz its leaking antifreez right where the crancshaft pulley is. and with that i'll do the timing belt as well.

Now here is where the problem is - last time I did the timing belt - I think i screwed up the balancing shaft belt (the smaller one)- that belt is behind a metal plate - and that metal plate i found no way to take it off. So i bent it - stuck the belt in - and then fixed it up, however i'm sure i screwed up it's timing

- I can't take off the crankshaft bolt - the one where the crankshaft pulley is placed
They say with a screw driver lock the engine so it won't rotate but i don't know where that hole is -

I don't have a problem with the main T-belt.

Please let me know how to take that bolt off.
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Take off the rocker cover and place a screwdriver into the cam gear.
usually you can take the starter out and stick something in the flywheel. There are also special flywheel holding tools available. I, however just get pist off with these methods. So i just grab the nearest impact gun i can find and blast the son bitch off lol.
Thanks for the reply guys
However I'm not sure the cams will hold it, since the pressure will go onto the t-belt and the f&%$er will snap and screw up the timing - learned that the hard way... lol

meh... my hyundai's giving me so much trouble, now its missfiring lol
and i found out the spark-plugs were floded with oil so now i got to change valve cover gaskete, spark-plugs + wires - so far haven't found a website to offer the gaskete, but i found the other 2 at or one of them

thanks guys
95's got the 4G63 mitsu right? Just use any 4G mitsu Gasket, or parts.
Well I did all the job i said.
First - yeah this one's got a mistubishi motor and transmision
So I did the valve cover gasket, put new ngk spark plugs and spark plug wires, I changed the water pump and the t-belt, changed front and rear engine mounts and its working better - but it still shakes a whole lot in idle. One thing i noticed this time i change the t-belt, no matter whatever the hell i did the damn belt would be a tooth off, so i said ****-it. maybe that's why the bitch shakes.
Believe it or not i'm even thinking if i get time to do an engine-swap
mehh :sleepy:
it could be oxy-sensors i guess, n since its a 95 i can't get it checked for free at autozone.
later guys
p.s. the reason why my engine was vibrating like hell was cuz the oil pump pulley was one revolution wrong
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