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Sound systems...

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Hey everybody!
Tell us about your system, Or your future plans for one.

I have Four subs and Two tweets. It hits pretty hard. I wanna buy a new deck sometime during the summer after I get my JT Body Kit. I'm not too sure what kind I want yet. Any suggestions?
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Well, I probably have the most basic system in my car. I have the stock stereo (Premium stereo upgrade w/ two 5 1/4s and 1" tweeters in the front and 6x9s in the back) I then wired a Kenwood 600 watt amp right to the factory unit along with a Pioneer Premier 10" sub in a Qlogic box. It sounds good. I got tired of the thug look...I use to have 2 10s in a bandpass enclosure and all it did was make noise so people on the outside can hear it. It had that muddy type of bass. So I split the stereo up and put one sub in the Elantra and the other sub in my Jeep Cherokee. I also changed the box from a bandpass to just a normal enclosure...Now its a tight clear bass.

If anyone is looking for good subs, I highly recommend Kickers or Pioneers. Rockford Fosgates suck. I blew out my first set...No wonder they were buy one get one free. LANTRA is right on about having 4 cheap subs...If you want good sound, you are going to have to pay for it. No way around it. Its like having hubcaps verse rims. From a distance, the hubcaps may look like rims just as hearing bass from a distance may sound cool. But up close you can tell they are crappy subs just as up close you can tell a car has hubcaps. That one Pioneer is just as loud as the 2 RFs I had yet has a much clearer sounding bass.

JIBBER686...How are those American Pro subs? The reason I ask is that I was in Chinatown in New York City looking for cheap car audio and they had American Pro 10s for $29.95 each! My friend was about to buy them after hearing them in the box...but something else. How do the 12s sound?

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Impossible! I think you mistaken verb

Hyundai doesn't have Variable valve timing engines. (Well, not yet that is...who knows what the future will bring). Unless its some extrodinarily expensive after market job (and even then I dont think it can be done with the accent engine). But the DOHC part is right. 106 hp vs. 92 from the ugraded motor.

But when Hyundai does have some form of Variable Valve timing in their car (Hondas got VTEC, Toyotas got VVTI), then Honda will really have to head for the hills cause if we are already kicking their ass now, how much worse can they lose? <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

I eat Honda Civics for breakfast, Toyota Corollas for lunch, and Volkswagen Jettas for dinner
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