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Sound systems...

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Hey everybody!
Tell us about your system, Or your future plans for one.

I have Four subs and Two tweets. It hits pretty hard. I wanna buy a new deck sometime during the summer after I get my JT Body Kit. I'm not too sure what kind I want yet. Any suggestions?
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Well I have Pioneer Deck 4100 Series, Pioneer and Alpine are awesome decks but will cost you a pretty penny, My deck was lik 400 Bucks on sale, All I have is a Mtx 250 amp and a Thunder 8000series 12inch woofer with a sealed box, Thats basically all you need, It hits so hard I had a headahce after 5 minutes

Buying the right stuff is important, You could have like 4 cheap woofers and a powerfull amp and still sound like ****, MTX is most recommended for awesome sounds and bass, I also have two EL 525s Bazookas for my tweeters, good for being loud!. If you want bitchin sound get mtx, But it will cost ya!

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