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Spark Plug Torque

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I have a 2017 Santa Fe Sport - what should I torque new spark plugs to?
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I normally install the spark plug til it's fully seated and hand tightened, back it out and re-seat it and hand tightened again, then turn the plug socket an extra 1/6 of a turn (this will ensure the crush washer is bedded in). There is a recommendation of 20-30 Nm of torque, but I have never used a torque wrench for plugs and also have never had an issue with plugs being loose or over tightened using the 1/6 turn method. Here's a guide on the Denso site for various plug designs if you aren't confident in going by feel - SPARK PLUG Installation | Basic Knowledge | SPARK PLUG | Automotive Service Parts and Accessories | DENSO Global Website
1 - 3 of 3 Posts