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speedo cluster question...

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ok i have a 99 hyundai elantra, and the stock speedo cluster that came with the car, didnt come with an rpm guage, which i could see, not being manual, you realli dont need it, but i was wonering if I bought a speedo cluster from the same year and car that had a rpm guage, would it hook in the same way without any other mod and would the rpm guage work. I only ask because i was given glo guages for my car that has the rpm guage and they dont fit in the same way, so i cant use them, but i like them and was wonderin if anyone could help me out on this... thx..

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They just plug in... but i think you have to hard wire in the Tach. I posted a similar question awhile ago, use thesearch button.


And while your back there, disconnect the speed limiter, i think its like a fuse or somthing connected to your speedo. So you can wind 'er out above 114.
Thx... Ya ive already done that, i went well above 114 before that, but i havent tested it out yet since the removal... too many cops lol...
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