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spring cleaning

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Alright boys and girls, it's time for spring cleaning...

Audiobahn A1801Q Class A/B Mono Amp Looking to get $150
400 watts RMS x 1 at 4 ohms
560 watts RMS x 1 at 2 ohms

Alpine mrv 1505 Amp Looking to get $80
225 watts x 2 - 4 Ohms
450 watts x 2 - 2 Ohms
900 watts x 1 - 4 Ohms

Audiobahn A6004T Class A/B 4 Channel Amp Looking to get $90
75 Watts x 4
600 Watts Peak

Infinity 1200W Sub. Looking to get $50

Pyle 6" LCD screen Looking to get $50

Pyle DVD/VCD/CD/MP3 In-Dash player Looking to get $75

Set of Motegi 15" MR7 Silver Wheels - 4 lug (they have tires, but will need a set) Local Pick-up please, but we can talk about shipping Looking to get $250

If you have any questions, PT me, email [email protected] or just post them here because I'm sure everyone is wondering the same thing.
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Can you go any lower in the Audiobahn A1801Q amp...? Also are these prices shippped...?
i can go 150 shipped on it. I paid over 300 for it, and this amp is definately over 150 on ebay.
I will take the alpine amp as long as it works,

email me your addy and you will have your money on monday

thinking about the monitor. I call dibs until tomorrow, just bought the gages and turbo timer, hopefully getting the downpipe, my budget that my wife is allowing me is dwindling down lol

the rims are a killer price, golly gee willikers, i wish you lived closer to me!
ok let me get back to you on that one...

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hey, right now i have 2 sets of 6.5 inifinity speakers, i like that 12 sub you got there, also which 2 amps would you recommend to run the speakers i currently have plus that 12 inch sub??, let me know and then i'll see if we can work a deal or something, thank you
How wide are the wheels and how much do they weigh?

Where are you located?
meee2yo- I don't know anything about the alpine, took it as part of a trade for doing headgaskets on a kids car, sorry. Also, someones got dibbs on the monitor right now, but if they back out, ur next

glaccent01- ur starting off with the exact setup I wanted. The 4 channel would sound amazing with the infinity 6.5's, I just never had the money to buy them. Also, The Mono audiobahn and infinity sub sound great together. It all kinda depends on what you want to do, I wanted to show, so the Audiobahns are great for that because of the bling factor.

Gimp, the wheels currently have 195/50/15 tires on them. As for the weight, I think they're 16 lbs a piece.
Yeah, see the problem is the 1502 are known for blowing out, some are good some are bad. I can see going 80 shipped,

what do we do if the amplifier is bad? I know my car audio, and it's a great amp, and I am looking for an amp in this power range, the price is great. let me know, can have moolah out asap.
what is known for going out in these amps? I honestly know nothing about it. email me at [email protected], we can talk

[Edited by snapintotheparty on Mar 23, 2006 8:45 AM]
Do you know the actual rim width? Is is 6.5" or (hoping) 7"?
gimp, sorry, there are tires on the wheels, I can't get a good measurement. I'm located near Akron, OH
ok that's the answer i was looking for, how much total are you looking to sell those 3 shipped to 32809 orl, FL, let me know and if the price is right i'll jump on it, thank you man
Interested in the rims and tires? What bolt patterns will the rims fit? How much do they weigh again? How much would the shipping be with rims n tires? Or just rims? 92129 that is if you will consider shipping thanks.
GLaccent01- i checked on shipping, and they said $60.

GT- It's going to run about $18 a wheel, so $72.
ok 60 dollars shipping how much are you lookin for those 3 items including the shipping? let me know, thank you
GL- sent u an email
Glaccent and meee2yo i responded to both of your emails
GT responded to your e-mail
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