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Does anybody know the height and diameter of the Eibach pro-kit springs for a 2k1 Accent? I have some Weapon-R coilovers that lower the rear end by about 2 inches when adjusted to the maximum height. I'm thinking about using the sleeves and replacing the weapon-r springs with some other taller set of springs so the rear won't be so low. Think this would work?

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Here's the thing....the weapon R springs are designed to go lower or higher with the sleeves. The Eibach springs are not. The Eibach springs are specially designed for your manufacturer of vehicle, and they're set at a certain drop height.

If you take the Eibach springs, and make them give you a lower or taller ride height with the sleeves, you're gonna get bad performance, handling, and you take a chance on your safety. Even though they suck...your better off just sticking with the springs that come with the Weapon R kit because they're designed to be used in that way. Eibachs are not.

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