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my spec clutch has served me well in terms of grip but it's engagment harshness adn the fact thta's it's already toasted 3 throwout bearing signal's it's time for a new clutch

everytime i engage in a gear, the throwout bearing shudders and i hear a light screech from the flywheel..and for daily driving it's a Uber PITA!!

i won an auction for a stage 2 clutch on ebay from a seller who's got a nearly spotless history of Buyer satisfaction so i'm content with his wares..

The clutch look's like a stock clutch, has spring loaded dampers and a organic disc and a nachi throwout bearing, but will the engagement be close to stock?

I'm also looking into the flywheel, i'm also interested in the XTD Flywheel,
But i'm confused about the flywheel iteration's circulation around the boards..

should i get a HY3 or HY5? engine's from a 2002 xd elantra, manual
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