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Steering little harder to turn on one side ?

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Hi all

So my tires presure is ok, my sterring is a little bit harder to turn on the right.
It does'nt pull on any side on the road.

What could cause that ? what sould I check and do ?

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enen though its not pulling it could still be alignment....
So I should first go to an alignment even if the car dont pull on any side ?

Other opinions ?
easiest way to narrow it down.....better safe than sorry
First of all, is your steering wheel straight?
is turning LEFT and RIGHT uses same amount of turns?
If the above is OK.
OK = NOT off by more then 2-4 Degree at the steering wheel.
OK = Both left and right takes the same amount of turns

go to the dealer and have them check the power steering rack or Torsion valve at the power steering rack.

It's hard to explain quickly in words how you can test if it's your torsion valve for the power steering rack or the rack seals itself. So I just suggest you go to the dealer.

I believe you are under warranty.
i have a stiff turning because of my rack and pinion. i have a oversteer/understeer promblem at the same time driving down the road because of my control arm is bent.
you have an accent

is the wind speed above 3 miles an hour?
no but when the wind does blow oh man you have to take up two lanes to drive. lol
make sure u have fairly new tires before u get an alignment
tires have nothing to do with an alignment, they align the hubs, not the tires. a really bent rim may throw off an alignment, but not tires.

But then If your tires are worn, get both tires and an alignment at the same time so you are not f*cking up your new tires.
make sure both sides of front and back is evenly wear.

So lightly is mechanical problem.
Or a Rack and Pinion internal leak.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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