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Steering wheel removal?

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How would i remve the steering wheel from a 2004 accent and install anotherafter market wheel?
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disconect the airbag.....remove the screws behind the steering wheel so the center comes off.....lock the steering wheel and undo the nut in the may need a wheel puller depending on how much of a beeotch it is....hope that helped
How do i disconect the airbag?
just pull the fuse....disconect the battery....

good luck
I had to get my moms 95 escorts wheel off to change something behind it. The wheel puller broke on the first turn. If you get mad enough they will come off without it, trust me. :dead:
^^HAHAHA^^......i got mad first.....then i went lookin for my wheel puller.....;): the hell do i remove those screws? They are this wierd star shape on the inside and it's round on the outside...what do i use to remove them?
its a weird bit you can get a cheap set from any parts store..
Ok..well i think I'm stuck with it...I tried using the flat head worked up untill I striped the nut...then i broke the screwdriver head. part of it chiped when i tried unscrewing the nut. Any other methods or am i just plain stuck now?:ermm:
Originally posted by 95_Accent_GSI
its a weird bit you can get a cheap set from any parts store..
Just as he suggested I bought a cheap little tool set from Canadian Tire, I realize I am in Canada but I also checked out Home Depot and the had the same stuff.
....I don't know...I've tried using the set that i got from Pepboys and no's too round of a nut.:ermm:
I also would recommend a chiltons or haynes "how to"manual from a parts store. Helped me! :D
I lookeed at those manuals. didn't say much as to how to remove it. Same as wht you all have been saying. not sure what to do now....
ok...I DI IT!!...i got the bot off...but the wheel still stays on? i've tryed pulling it but it wont come I havn't tried that had i don't want to break it but how would I get it off after that. Also what do i do once the wheel is off?
Those were probably torx screws. I had to use a steering wheel puller to get the last steering wheel that I removed off. Then I'd look for some bolts with the same thread patern and a head that you're familiar with for the reinstallation. You're also gonna need a hub adapter (goes betwwen the new wheel and the hub) Let me know how it goes cause I'm thinking about doing it also;):
where would I get an adapter?
I think I may have seen some on ebay;):
what do they look like so i have an idea what I'm looking for?
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