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Stereo Stuff

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Anyone have some stereo stuff theyre looking to part with? im trying to make up a semi decent system, i have a clarion deck, i can get an amp, so im pretty much just looking for subs, i might just end up buying new audiobahn's but im not sure yet, depends if i can get them in time, but just wondering if anyone's looking to part with some stereo stuff, gimme some prices...
thanks alot
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dude i have a **** load of stuff i need to get rid of. let me look and see what i have.
steer clear of audiobahn subs;):
dude i have 3 amps and 2 subs. i know one sub has it's ported box and i think the other does too. i'll have to make sure it fits. but i'm almost positive the sub matches the box. both boxes are ported. i also have a symmetry and several other things. email me with what your looking for and i'll give you prices. [email protected]
i have one brand new ma audio 12 im sellin for 50 + shippin or 2 10" alpine zr's that r used with a q logic sealed box for 100
Sounds good guys, i'll have to get one of my buddys to buy it off u guys for me, cause i dont have a paypal account anymore or a credit card which definately sucks D***... what can ya do, k since i last posted, i've got a plexi enclosed lime green box, its sweet, with 2 pheonix gold subs in it, but i'd like some new ones, theyre 12" subs, unless anyone has a nice sub box with 10"s in it or somethin....anyone tell me what u have and email pics to [email protected] subject stereo stuff, and we'll see what we can work out, thanks alot guys, appreciate it.

-Chris:)[email protected]
i gotta go to ocala today to pick up some new rims. i'll try to get you a list with some pictures when i get home later today.
ive got
-1 kenwood 12" excelon 1200w max sub paid C$260 new sell for C$140
-1 pair kenwood 5-1/4" excelon component set paid $400 new sell for $200
-1 kenwood 800w 2 channel amp (bridgeable) sell for $160
-1 kenwood 250w 2 channel amp (bridgeable) sell for $80
-1 pair infinity 3.5" 2 way speakers $38

depending where you live we could meet up if youre intrested
i live in southern Ontario

it all worked and sounded good in my scoupe
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yeah, im interested in the kenwood amp i think, providing you still have it lol, i live in bridgenorth, thats like 10 mins from peterborough, where are you? we'll see if we can work something out.
yea i still got it. I live west of kitchener so it would be like 2 hrs so maybee we could meet half way in milton or something. Which amp are u intrested in? I can post the specs and post pics i my profile if u want?
Probly the kennwood, pics would be great, if you can just email them to me, any pics of ur **** with prices to [email protected][/email]...dunno if i can pick em up, but we can always ship em...thanks alot:)
I emailed you, hopefully it worked.
Nah man, didn't get it it possible to re-send it? and did you include the pics, prices and rough shipping costs? That'd be a bonus thanks alot man
ill try sending it again tomorow, ok
sounds good check out my thread in off topic titled opinions anyone? cause it has a link to myspace and pics of my subs i picked up for $100 not bad i like the box, its origional:p
sent email again. hey did you check your junk mail folder?
yah man, finally got ur email but definately didnt get ANY of the pics, just attach them as files and it should work, your on my safe list now too, if you have msn you can just add me and send me the pics [email protected], take care man
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