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Was driving around yesterday at around 4pm. Had my headlights on (cause it was getting dark and was raining), and the CD player going.

All of a sudden, it was like there was a power surge in the deck. Made a noise like the speakers just got a nice jolt of electricity, and the deck shut off for a second (no lights, nothing). Then, it came back on, but there was no sound. Switched to radio, and back to CD, and still no sound. So i pulled the deck and put it back on. And it worked, continued playing as though I'd just paused the CD.

It did this once more on that CD, so, figuring maybe the CD was toast, I changed to a different one, and it did it twice more on that one.

Driving around today for about an hour, no problems at all. Gonna get the dealership to check that out this week when I go in for my seatbelt recall.

Had my front bumper repainted a few weeks ago, and they had to take the headlight assembly apart to to it. Wonder if they maybe caused a short up there. Gotta bring the car back cause the paint isn't exactly matching, so I guess I'll find out then.

Fun stuff.

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