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stock tibby amp put in not a tibby

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Has anyone tried or completed installing the stock sub for the tibby into something not a tibby? I have an accent and I'm about to buy one these subs.
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Do you know the power outputs of the amp? and how much is it? Cos you could just get an aftermarket one... That is not to say the tib one won't be better because i know nothing about them :hmmm:
Not really sure. I think it's suppose to be the whole sub system from the tib. From what I understand the tibby sub is an all in one. My main reason for getting this this is: I'm paying 15 bucks for it.
lol sorry i misread it... i thought you were getting the amp from the tibby... my guess (since no one has given any solid advice thus far) is that it would be a wiring harness or more likely just a positive and negative terminal (like the aftermarket ones) just go + to + and - to - ... Anyways for $15 you cant go wrong :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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