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The white stuff is coming in a day or so, so I need to know what to do when Storing the tib

1. Fuel Stabilizer
- Do I need it?
- What does it do?
- Can I get away by not using it and just start the Tib up once a week or so?
2. Battery
- Should I unhook it?
- Or by starting it once a week,... will that be enough to keep the charge?

3. Oil
- Anything I need to do to it?

Again, if I can start it up every other week or so, and not have to put any type of additives that be kewl,... can't move it much within the garage, but I can back it up like 3 feet or so, with the garage door open, so I don't think I need to jack it up?

Any help would be kewl


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Definately unplug the battery, change the oil and other vital fluids after storage, and drain the gas tank. That should do it, and as long as you keep it away from the elements you should be fine.

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