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The white stuff is coming in a day or so, so I need to know what to do when Storing the tib

1. Fuel Stabilizer
- Do I need it?
- What does it do?
- Can I get away by not using it and just start the Tib up once a week or so?
2. Battery
- Should I unhook it?
- Or by starting it once a week,... will that be enough to keep the charge?

3. Oil
- Anything I need to do to it?

Again, if I can start it up every other week or so, and not have to put any type of additives that be kewl,... can't move it much within the garage, but I can back it up like 3 feet or so, with the garage door open, so I don't think I need to jack it up?

Any help would be kewl


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