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hey, my cars got 67k, its a 1.5l sohc, so u kno..and i just installed my tib 'short' shifter, and tonight ran her hard, from a stand still for about a strait 1/4 mile or so.. and after that i noticed that when i sit there and idle in neutral, there is this faint tap-scratch-tick sorta sound, its not a regular ticking, and its not my hla's i kno what they are. (yea..faint, prolly only i hear it but i always have ears on alert when it comes to that car!) my clutch is gettin old i guess, as it gives me some trouble gettin into reverse sometimes, and i grind a gear a lil occasionally.. but did i just do alot of damage? or is this just the stress starting to put it over the edge? is this the clutch slipping? heh i dunno. i just noticed that if i push the pedal in completely, the sound stops.. so its something to do with the clutch being engaged to the drive shaft. maybe something is worn a lil uneven? or theres so many other things it could be... its prolly time for a new clutch soon, but id like to make it till next year, and install a beta clutch, with a beta tranny and a beta engine and beta axles..all together, u get the idea

so what do u guys think it is? i mean either way i guess i really just have to go easy from now on!

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