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Hello Friend, my name is alejandro or alexander, and i have a accent 1.5. Im living in venezuela, and the popular street car for racing is the cehvrolet corsa 1.6 8v, is similar to the accent but the exepcion that in that motor they have been a lot of test...well i know that the best way to gain hp on accent is swap 1.8 oe 2.0 beta engine, or turbo with scopue pistons.

Here that car (corsa) they have record on the engine for a 13.1 sec in 1/4 mile, but they have been change a lot like piston for a stroker, the corsa can be stroker to 2.0l using a lots part of other car, and my quiestion is if any body has tried to do the same in the little alpha?

Sorry for my english im try to do my best jajaja

My car time is 17.03sec 1.5 whit minor modification but im want to do 15 o 14 but without help of nos or turbo. My idea is stroker chanching the bore and srtoke if you have done this please tell me and advise i will be gratefull thanks a lot....
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