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Stupid Deer

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I was driving my accent so I thought this was an ok place to put this.

Driving to my girlfriends house and out of no where, I see eyes coming up along side me and before I could do anything *bam* right into the side of my car, doesn't look like it did anything besides turn the mirror in, but i'll have to look in the morning in some daylight.

When did deer become so sucidial?
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Ummm... all the time...

Was it like this??? ;):

Ouchies for the deer...
I hit 2 deer, once doing no damage and once totalling my 85 S-10 Blazer. The wife really screwed up my Cougar by smacking a deer too.:disappointed:

Hopefully you will not find any more damage.
That looked painful for both the guy and the deer, and hitting a deer on a bike!

Kinda like that, came out of nowhere and then right before running right into my car turned and ran kinda with it, and just slammed its whole side into my car, not just its head. I found a large pile of deer hair stuck in that black trim on the side.

So I figured I would be nice and turn around and see if it was ok, all the deer did is give me one of those eating grass and looking at me like "you jerk"
deer are Stupid animals that were bred to kill themselves..
and if you're driving on a 2-way road..honk a few times..doesn't hurt to do so.

as for that deer..kick it and curse at it..
bambi lover's can protest all they want...
if you live in an area with a lot of deer then you should get those things you can mount in the grill that make a high pitched sound when driving that humans cant hear but it scares deer. I have one behind my grill and I think it works, I have yet to hit anything!
Stupid deer, first time my girlfriend drove my accent (car was a month old) damn deer
jump in front of car, she hit it. That deer flew like 8ft then slid like 15ft down the road.
end result.... now I have a black hood, it was the only paint we had at the shop.

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Hunters spend hundreds of dollars on a rifle with a scope, dress in camo, smear deer piss on themselves to cover their smell. Spend days in the cold woods. And get a deer only one out of five tries.

When they can just drive down the country roads for an hour or two.
That clip was that too wrong to say? I'd hateto be the one to hit anything like that though...not in my car.
Ouch!!! Poor deers. I do have to admit they are kinda suicidal. I think they should all wear those bright florecent jackets so we can see them in the road at night... lol. That is one fear of mine, hitting a deer. Hopefully you wont find any other damage.

Jennie ;):
that is the exact for the extra 420 watts of lights mounted under my bumper(good thing Hyundai put a great alternator in the X3), instant dayligt.
i have an extra 420 watts of power too. except mine only works for about 20 minuets and is rolled up in a blunt.
i kinda hope the gentle screaming whistle of the turbo alerts them to stay away, that and the open downpipe. if i hit a deer though y'all will be the 2nd to know (i'll be the first :()
I think that most reputable dealers/ people will tell you that the whistle toys don't work. Panic from noise can cause them to be eradic...think about it ....loud pipes arent a warning why would they pay attention to what may be or not be a whistle, besides they make your vehicle look silly....Ron White sums up the rest of your discussion on hunters and deer if you haven't seen his stand up do so. Sorry about your car here in Georgia we hit a lot of animals and i have been lucky so far i only hit ditches and trees.
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