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Sunroof gasket

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How do these stay in place??? is there some sort of glue to use... I took it off when i had my car painted and now it won't stay up...
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its pretty hard to get back in. my boyfriend took mine off and he cant get it all the way in now. its glued in place but it looks pretty bad. good luck with it. :)
ya i'm talking about the rubber piece around the sunroof.... it's a pain in the arse to get back in place.... called the dealership and they want 50 bucks for a new one and they don't have a clue how it go in properly...
I took mine off last time my car was painted and I couldn't find it afterwards.. got lost in the body shop. Mine came off pretty easily, never had a chance to put it back on. Been looking for a replacement ever since

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it shouldn't be hard to put it back on. i put my on last year don't remember how. but i remember it was pretty easy.
It's not really that it's that hard it just seems like the one that i have i worn and won't stay in place.... Guess i'm gonna have to bite the bullet and buy one from the dealership....
my old one had a crack in it and OMG!!! it was annoying hearing the wind come in every fvcking day!!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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