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Superchargers vs. Turbochargers

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The key difference between a turbocharger and a supercharger is its power supply. Something has to supply the power to run the air compressor. In a supercharger there is a belt that connects directly to the engine. It gets its power the same way that the water pump or alternator does. A tuborcharger, on the other hand, gets its power from the exhaust stream. The exhaust runs through a turbine which in turn spins the compressor.

There are tradeoffs between both systems. In theory a turbocharger is more efficient because it is using the "wasted" energy in the exhaust stream for its power source. On the other hand, a turbocharger causes some amount of back pressure in the exhaust system and it also tends to provide less boost until the engine is running at higher RPMs. Superchargers are easier to install but tend to be more expensive.

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To add to your post, the supercharger is power as soon as you hit the gas, where as a Turbo you have to wait for it to start spooling. The advanatage of a Turbo is that you can increase or decrease the boost with a boost control where as the supercharger is ran off a pulley and that pulley is rated at a specific psi and can only be changed if you change the pulley(i.e. Larger pulley less psi, Smaller pulley or psi)

So it is really up to the person in what they want. I choose the Turbo route and won't turn back now for nothing!!!!

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