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Superchips S-Coupe Turbo chip

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Superchips Inc. offers Eprom upgrades for the following Hyundai vehicles :

1993-1995 Scoupe 1.5L Turbo

Modifications are made to the stock program to increase performance. The first step is to reprogram the system to remove the boost limit and re-calibrating the boost control. When developing this program the car needed to be fine tuned on the dyno with the engine coupled up to an accurate gas analysis system to ensure that the final result would meet EPA emission requirements in full. The boost control was turned up to a maximum of 14 PSI without making any other changes to the vehicle. Superchips 0does recommend upgrading to an aftermarket airfilter, which can add up to an additional 6HP.

The result is an increase from 115 HP stock to 147 HP with an increase in torque from 125 ft/lb stock to 170 ft/lb. This makes this car surprisingly fast in the mid range. The 30-50 time drops from 8.7 seconds to 5.8 seconds and the 50-70 time drops from 9.4 seconds to 5.9 seconds. The 0 - 60 time will drop from 9.1 seconds to 6.9 second but it is the in gear times which are really different and which indicate the mid range punch that this car develops. The top speed will increase from 120 to about 128 MPH but each car will be slightly different.

The upgrade consists of two E-proms and an adapter. Unfortunately the stock chip is soldered into the computer so your ECU will have to be sent into us to be upgraded. This conversion can be completed the same day that we receive your ECU. If you would like to get this upgrade then you will first need to call us with your computer code. Your computer is located on the passenger side under the passenger’s feet. So why not get your computer code and give us a call at 888-CAR-CHIP.
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I drive a slow car.
0 to 60 in 11 seconds (look out!)
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anyone can help me and give me a chip image.. an iso or bin file. i have programing soft ant etc. but need just image of tuningchip...
plz help me...
my car is 93-94 s-coupe GT Turbo. (alpha motor)

thx. my email is [email protected]

il be very thankful
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