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Swaping Auto for manual out of Scoupe any thing else?

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Should I get anything else off of the Scoupe? TB, brakes, anything? Is it the same engine?
Both are 95s and no, its not a turbo.

I was going to junk my 95 Accent when the front seal went out, but I just can't find it in myself to get rid of it. So, I am going to fix it, and do a trany swap.
BTW, incase anyone was wondering the Ford ZX2, sucks, but it will get me to and from work while i do all of this work.
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hey I am getting ready to do the same thing but I am doing it in a scoupe. good luck to you.

You too. Let us know if you run into any problems. I am sure you will finish ahead of me.

Good luck.
well I have knoticed right away that you are going to have to make a hold in the firewall for the clutch master cylinder and possible a bigger hole for the two shift cables I haven't got that far yet but I will let you know. I don't know hot much you know so if you need any help or advice let me know.
you're going to need the ecu out of a 95' accent with a manual in it, if your accent has an auto.
check the hybrid forum, there are a few write ups on the swap, and no you don't need the ECU
why would you need a new ECU a completely part if the ECU controals the trans from the engine and sometimes its a completely diffrent computer on older cars
thanks for the replies.

But I guess I should have been clearer. Should I get anything else off of the car? Will the the TB be better off of the Scoupe, or will the back seat fit in my accent?

BTW. Thanks Lances, I'll be in touch. Oh, takes pics and post them.
i'll do that I still have to get pictures of my new scoupe's and my wreaked one on here too I just haven't had time to take any. but i'll take pictures while I change the tranny
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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