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(TB upgrade/cai) Newbie w. quick question

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Greetings all,

I've always modified all the cars i've had (89 Probe GT, 87 Supra turbo, 88 626 turbo, 92 diamante, etc) and plan to continue doing so.

My girlfriend just aquired a purple 1995 hyundai accent 5 spped with 115,000 miles. Runs like a champ, and I must admit it has more pep than i expected from a 1.5 liter 4 cylinder engine. Naturally, I must do the standard bolt ons and such.

I plan to start with the ignition { a stronger ignition coil, new performance plugs and wires, and maybe a ground wire kit)

Next, a true CAI. I've shopped around online and only seen drop in K&N filters, but no cone filters. How can I go about doing one like in the following pic:

From what I've read here already, an option is to replace the stock MAF/AFM with the one from the 1.8L engine. (I didnt catch which model/year to get that from} I assume a larger fuel pump, or afpr (adjustable fuel pressure regulator) would be needed to compensate for the extra air intake....)

Of course a catback exhaust would follow.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to becoming more active on the forums...Any input on how to custom make a CAI like the one pictured would be great, as well as maybe a link to all info regarding a larger MAF/AFM.

Thanks again,

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This is basically the procedure you're looking for, the good and the bad of it:
I suggest using a Short Ram intake instead of a Cold Air on the Alpha (1.5 and 1.6L) engines. The Alpha lacks low-end power, and that's what the Short Ram increases. The Cold Air will increase the car's top-end power...I guess it's just preference.
Thanks for the quick replys!

And I just noticed the sticky at the top of the forum about CAI's... I either missd it or it wasnt there until after I registered - D'oh!

I've searched but can't find a solid answer about Throttle bodies/maf....... Is there a direct swap upgrade I can obtain for the 95 1.5L engine? Perhaps a TB from a 2.0 or anything like that?

I'll keep searching :devious:

thx again,

bg Sells modified throttle bodies. I'm not sure about using other MAF's though. I heard someone used a Nissan 240SX MAF but I don't know what amount of work was required.
i think they had to redrill a couple of the holes to get it to fit
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