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tdo5h and manifold

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hey guys i havent been here in a looooooong time . i bought this turbo from someone that had it advertised it here in 2004 with big plans for my car... well i have long since sold the car and now am getting rid of the stuff i have for it. what i have is this : Manifold, Turbo, Turbine Housing, Actuator, O2 Housing, O2 Sensor, Gaskets, J-pipe, Oil Feed line, and Oil Dump Tube . it is from what im told about half of what you need for a bolt on kit for the 91-95 elantra , anyone who knows for sure can feel free to correct. i will take offers but i would much rather trade all this stuff for a t3 turbo. also have most of whats needed for a manual swap. i am located in eastern canada. if anyone is interested i will get pics
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