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temp control is stuck!

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ok so i had a light go out in my dash at the beginning of the summer. i decided this would be a good time to change out my guage cluster blubs so i orded the blue shark racing leds and threw them in their. well while putting the dash back together i managed to unhook something in the ac control. i didnt realize this till the next day and have been driving around all summer with no ac cause im too lazy to take it back apart and plufg it back in. well today i finally got motivated and started in on it. i pluged it back in but my temp control knob will not budge. its displaying all the way to the left (the cold side) but when i turn on the air its like its all the way to hot. the knob will not move anywhere and acts like its in a bind. i looked behind the dash to see if maybe the turning plastic piece that pulls the cable isent working, well it is the cable just wont move. so any help i could get on this situation would be greatly appreciated. its a little hot :dead:
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Under the dash, by your right foot, the cable attaches to a piece of white plastic. This piece moves the flapper valve in your dash to control the temp. If the cable is pulled off and not re-installed correctly (it is possible to put the screw in and tighten it while the piece is in the wrong position), the knob won't move.
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