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Diode Dynamics is looking for test cars in the St. Louis, MO area. Please check the site to see what kind of products we have to offer. All test cars will get free stuff! :)

Please post up if you are in the area, and I will PM you to arrange a day to meet up. Testing should take 4-6 hours, so a Saturday would be preferable.

Cars needed:
1997-1999 Tiburon
2000-2002 Tiburon
1995-2000 Elantra
2001-2003 Elantra
2004-2006 Elantra (hatch and sedan)
2007-2008 Elantra
1995-1999 Accent (hatch and sedan)
2000-2006 Accent (sedan, 3 and 5-door hatch)
2007-2008 Accent
1998-2001 Sonata
2002-2005 Sonata
2006-2008 Sonata

I searched and searched for rules regarding posting this kind of thing but couldn't find any. If any mod or admin has a problem with this post, please just let me know!

Diode Dynamics

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spam!!!!!!!!!!! get off our forums troll..............

Hahahaha, jk. for all that dont know paul, he makes a great product. i will vouche for his credibilty on other sites. and paul, i already did the accent for you
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