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Test drove a 2007 accent 2dr hatch.

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You guys i drove this car tonight, and previous to this i test drove a lancer, a focus, and an aveo.

I was completely impressed with this new accent. I know it has had mixed reviews, and ya styling is a personal taste.

My friend had a 2004 accent which i drove alot, let me tell you the new 07 drives a whole lot nicer.

The suspension is amazing for a small car, its smooth and i threw it hard around some corners and it stuck nicely! I know its got the twist beam rear suspension ( not independant) but ya, it handles nicely.

The pep on the engine seems great for a little car, i only noticed the lancer has nicer 3rd gear pull where as the accent seems a bit lacking in that gear. Also it revs a little high at highway speeds but the car is quiet and willing to pull.

The new car seems tighter than the old accent....go slam the door on a new accent.... you'll see what i mean.

The interior is nice, the shifter is like the old car, a long throw into 3rd.....but ya i'd say i'm impressed with this car.

Just wanted to give a reveiw. I actually drove it.8D
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Good to hear. The dealer add on parts has sparked my interest in the car. I was thinking of trading in the LC2 for one but then I remembered how I'd be losing money on it PLUS i'd have 5 more years of payments. Nutz to that.

Maybe there will be a trickle down of aftermarket for the LC2 now if ppl start buying the MC to mod.

Thanks for the review roddy. You've confirmed what I envisioned. Though as smooth as the ride is the solid rear axle scares me as far as performance.
Well remember, the MC's engine is identical to the LC2's 1.6L DOHC, save for the CVVT on the MC. This means that most likely, the CAI, for example, that they offer will fit our cars. I know the bolt pattern also stays the same, 4x100. I'm not too sure what other dealer options they will offer, though.
despite the mc being more refined, it'll still get outrun by a toyota yaris

and the honda fit
So negative... jezee...;):

I was thinking of getting one.. but i want the SR that wil never come to be.
Originally posted by attist178
Well remember, the MC's engine is identical to the LC2's 1.6L DOHC, save for the CVVT on the MC. This means that most likely, the CAI, for example, that they offer will fit our cars.
Probably not the CAI. That has more to do with engine bay layout and sizing than the engine itself. Underhood the MC is totally different than the LC/LC2.
Just a thought but I'm still not seeing this car in the USA? Interesting yes?!?
Really? It's been here for about 2 weeks. Hmmmm

As for the SR, I have a feeling it might show itself in the next couple of years. Hyundai probably wants to feel out the market before they go and introduce it. We all talked about how good it was that they did the SR as a concept but I don't honestly believe we are enough of a market to warrant it just on word alone. When they see the sales for the '07 and it's looking good I could see them introducing it. With the new 'tib FR platform this could fill the niche of a sporty FF. Just my opinion but if it was a perfect world this is how i'd see it work itself out.
yea, i definitely would buy an SR in a heartbeat. 2.0L turbo, thats is definitely what we need here ;). Time will tell.
so does anyone have one of these yet? I'm interested to see what they look like (a base model) with some aftermarket wheels. :chinese:
i've seen 2 at the dealership here in salem, oregon, just 2 GS. we (america) have 2 models for the "3 door" GS and SE, GS being base and SE has the goods-16" wheels, rear discs... ect. SE is NOT available yet, i was told about a month or 2. i didn't drive one because i'd rather wait for the SE to get here. i like the new look though.

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ya in canada we get that sport model as well, but none have arrived on the lots yet.
I took one of them out on friday. I have to say I was really impressed with the steering (really light... reminded me of my 3rd Gen Accord) however the gain in HP really didn't seem noticeable esp in the low RPM's. I mean yeah it's an accent it's not a fararri but still.

Anyways, i like the styling but it's not worth the money to me.
I was at the dealership today for an oil change... they only had 4 of them on the lot... 3 4-doors and 1 3-door. I like the look of the 3-door alot. Didn't bother test driving it though because it was an automatic and it not an SE.
Tested it today. I am not impressed.

The steering was horrible. Huge dead gap on center where you turn steering wheel but nothing happens, it get worse when you push it, the powersteering is lacking feeling and destroying it. It's too tiny and underpowered? and it's electrical..

suspension was average but I've seen better road holding. Not the boat as the stock LC2 but not the great either. Interior was mixed with 3 different colours and the materials seems actually worse in chairs and doortrims than in LC-Accents. Doortrims were as pathetic as in LC.

Then the engine. Same nice little puller as in LC but this is somehow lacking its sharping bite as in LC, I don't know but it's not pulling as earlier, It's somehow covered or shadowed and the throttle response were very bad, it's not jumping forward as in LC, it's thinking a little moment "oh he want's to go really quickly?!, let's go then!" Really can't tell you if this is faster/slower than LC/2, it could be pretty close race still but MC's best bite is still melted away..quite hard explaine it but LC is still more fun to drive if that explains it. However you could still love the MC's induction noise which is LOUD! It's really hammering desibels and making inspiration.

But I still have to say I am dissapointed, I am sorry to say that. It's just like updated LC2 with roomier interior and all the luxuries(A/C, mp3, bla bla...) you want from this size of car, it's not complete new car from scratch like new Civic.
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Eyelid: I think the steering "problem" as you describe it, is it's main saving grace. I'm not a autocross driver so I don't care about feeling the road as much. The way I understand it, the steering auto adjusts at higher speeds to reduce fatigue. I guess everyone will have a different impression. I think this is what's good about this thread. It would definitely help me make a more educated decision if I was in the market for the new accent.
Doh, im in the market for a new rig, and saw the SE, then I saw the SR... I would like that instead. I am frowing on the rear suspension if it really is non-independant...... Im going for a test drive this weekend anyways. Had my 97 for a good long time.... It's time to either trade up to another Hyundai or move on.
Yeah we all'd love an SR but there doesn't seem to be any plans any time soon for it. I definitely say to check out the MC and see if it's what you'd like. It's not a bad car the way I see it. I just can't personally justify losing money on trading my LC2 in for it as it's just not good enough. I probably would go for the SR if it was under 20 grand but I bet if it ever does get produced it would be more.
more about steering:

when you decide to push this thing (it's not worth it by any means..) the powersteering is lacking power actually and in sharp turns it's coming late and can't keep up so there is moments (very short ones of course..) when you have to rotate this thing without powersteering at all. I still can't believe that dead zone in center which is HUGE.
Ok, what is the abbreviation for MC mean???
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