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the '01 Elantra stock intake <?>s

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Hey guys! I'm building a custom CAI for my '01 Elantra- Do I need to make any mods to one side of that plastic "accordian" part that is just before the injector plenum? I think it houses the [MAP sensor?] and I don't want to damage it. TIA<img src=/images/forums/snitz/cool.gif width=15 height=15 border=0>

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The first thing you are going to want to do is take the top off of the filter bex and remove the square filter. Second, remove the lid to the box completely by removing the clamp from the end of the accordian pipe thingy.<img src=/images/forums/snitz/wink.gif width=15 height=15 border=0>
Next thing you want to do is remove all of the screws frim the intake opening area and remove it from the lower section of the filter box. After that you should remove the oxygen sensor from the filter box and hold on to the rubber gromet (it will come in handy). In the bottom of the empty filter box you will see some bolts. Take those out and you should be able to pull the entire filter box out. with this removed you should be able to better see the lower resonator. That needs to come out too so get your wrench set and get to work. There are at least 2 bolts holding it in there and they are really tricky to remove. After all of that is out of there you are ready for your CAI. If you plan on making your own CAI then the accordian hose thingy can be used to connect the CAI to the MAFS (yes it is a MAF not a MAP sensor). If you have better stuff then by all means use it since air will flow much nicer through something smoth and not something that looks like VVVV...

I recomend that when you do your CAI what ever it may look like... Secure it snugly so it doesn't bounce around. I speak from experience when I tell you that it places a lot of stress on the rubber piping between your throttle body and your MAFS. Enough to tear the rubber after a while.

Let me know how it goes...

Take some pictures too!<img src=/images/forums/snitz/thumbup.gif width=25 height=18 border=0>

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