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The accent...

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Got my Accent 6 months ago, and i think i'm making progress:sleepy:. Just a few minor mods...

13" antenna
Side markers
Tinted tails and windows
Fog Lights
Kenwood sound system (12" sub, 800 Watt amp, speakers all around, and deck)

Go here for a random driving video.

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Originally posted by WytchDctr
1.5 SOHC? Tail pipe doesn't look like a US spec 1.6

the lc accent came with 2 iterations of mufflers,
1 is the diaper type muffler and the other one is the canister type muffler with a downward facing elbow pipe
why they have 2 types is a mystery to me.
interesting....I've never seen the other muffler on the LC before...maybe it's a canadian thing? kinda like poutine? ;):
If that is a 13" antenna then I must have a 29" weiner.
Originally posted by sportbikemike
If that is a 13" antenna then I must have a 29" weiner.
Most, if not all those pics are before I installed the antenna.
The rear tail lights look good tinted.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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