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ok, no it wasn't in a hyundai but it is still the best i have ever done. (and if your in with the broadwater car crew then you know i'm not full of ****)

car, red 1984 mitsubishi scorpion.

engine, stock 4G54 (astron 1 - 2.6 lt) with 5 speed manual from a sigma.

mods, none other that auto to manual conversion, chrome rear wing spoiler and alloy wheels.

location, goldcoast highway broadbeach. (intersection under the monorail).

was bored one night so i went for a drive, ended up at the goldcoast. got a red light so i stop in the middle lane heading north, on the right pulls up this shiny black VX SS clubsport commodore, and on the right comes a nice red ferrari 360 convertable. now at this point i look at both cars but they don't even look at mine (cause mine cost me $450 including the spares car for the conversion to manual), they start reving their engines trying to egg each other on and don't even notice me bringing my revs up and keeping them at a nice range for a good take-off. the light went green and i popped the clutch and took off fully expecting the both of them to fly past me but it didn't happen. i hit atleast 165 km/h before the next lights and they still didn't pass me, but if they where not racing then why is it that my red scorpion had a hit for $10000 put on it to have it pushed off the road and be written off?

but unfortunately for them, i threw second cylinder and pulled the car off the road, it has since been scraped for parts but it isn't a complete loss as the parts from that scorpion went into another one that i bought.

but now i've got a new project in mind that if i can pull off will put it to shame, a 98 X3 excel with a full conversion to tiburon spec mechanicals (front and rear suspension, engine and braking system) and interior (dash, wiring and everything else) and if i can pull off the changes needed a full tiburon front end and rear bumper.
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