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The New and Improved J2 Rotary :P

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Hey guys,
Lately after i installed my new RPS Muffler 2.5"in 4"outlet,
Ive been Cruising through town in 1st gear, as you do showing off the the pretty ladies,
and as I decelerate from a climb from 1 - 6k RPM and back down to 1k RPM,
I get the Odd Flame out the exhaust and it makes a very impressive "barp barp barp baarp baaaaaarp baaaaaaaaaap baaaaaaaaaaarp" sound,
(Yes I am good at sound effects Danke Danke Danke Sehr :D)
Then everyone says "Wooow is that a Rotary?"
Im just curious to why this is happening and if it has any conflicts or if its just cool lol.
Thanks and all opinions and comments welcome.
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By the way, the Fuel I use is 98 Octane and my mates say the Flame is a good Ft. Long if it helps at all
Ricer!!!! :lol:
Your running ultra rich and there is some kind of igition source. Hows your timing?
We have wasted spark coils, so when he is on the exhuast stroke the spark plug is fireing, but only at the point when you first let off, and a few seconds after, then it stops.

If your driving, and you have a good exhaust, rev er up to say... 5000, and the lift, your exhaust wil pop and crackle like crazy, and then stop, and just humm down. Also, at the point when you lift off, fuel keeps dumping down, and the car dosent declerate as quickly, when it stops popping, then it decels quicker.

So yeah.. i was getting a three foot flame everytime i shifted at full throttle with my old no muffler exhaust. That was still with a cat. :dead:
I wouldnt know how to check my timing buddy...
lol but that sounds good, it doesnt happen as I accelerate through the Gear,
only as I engine Break and tap the throttle slightly at the top and it happens as it goes down.
Originally posted by Mador
I wouldnt know how to check my timing buddy...
Ohh heyyy im 16...
Yeah, tapping the gas pedal, lightly, as in not enough to acctually give it gas, will cause lots of flame and exhaust crackle. You can do that down the whole rpm range. sounds wicked.
lol you must do it too?
Yupp its great fun people always comment on how "Cool" my car sounds...
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