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The "New Tibby"

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Spy Pics:

looks like the "new tibby" is................................ The Tuscani.... but it will follow the design of the HCD8.....
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Looks kinda mean...
that's what makes it ****ing awesome..... i'm getting one as soon as they are out
I think it looks the same as the last model under all that cammo. Just maybe some different tails and tips.:ermm:
Is it still going to be RWD?
^^^Doubt it.
Yeah...looks like a facelift at most to me...:ermm:
Looks like they made it echo the lines of the rd tiburon from those pics...which is a smart idea, get the current and former buyers to like the new one.
There is no differences other than:

-Tail lights
-Exhaust tips

Mark my words...:chinese:
looks the same. as if we can even tell what the body looks like anyway from those pics.
you forgot it doesnt have those side grills........ in the rear pic you can see the car doesnt have any camo
I am quite sure that is just a refresh while hyundai contemplates the future of a "halo" car. They have become big players in the market and are now getting serious about performance.
If it is not going to be rwd, then I am done with hyundai on its performance aspect.
this sucker's gonna have the lambda V6 stuffed into it and it'll probabley embarasse a 350Z.

i hope the 3.8L...head to head with it's cousin the eclipse,
I agree , just looks like another facelift to me..... very dissappointing... bring on the HCD8 , much better and aggressive looking! :puzzled:
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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