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where is this car at?

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sorry for some reason you guys will have to paste the url.

0-62mph : 5.4 sencond
max. power : [email protected]
42kg/[email protected]
max. speed : 169 mph

I don't think it's racing that I'm addicted to, it must be the adrenaline rush.
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Oh. This is tuned by company in Korea called "MSM R&D" It's turbo Tuscani. The price of the tuning is more than the car itself. So don't be surprised. I hear it's close to CAD $27784. (I dividied using 790 won which is current exchange rate for CAD money^^). Considering the car itself costs CAD $20736 for Tuscani I4 *almost* Full opt, it's pretty expensive I guess. But still for people into tuning, it might sound kewl.. I dunno, I am not that into tunings so..^^' I am more of riceboy style i guess --; well, gotta goto work- have a nice day everyone- <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

Tuscani Elisa 2.7 all the way-
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